Wall Graphics
Commercial wall/floor graphics and realistic murals are a new and fun way to attract clients to a specific attraction. Our designers and printing department can produce almost any ideas into full scale eye catching imagery. Let o8o turn your ideas into a visual reality.

From small poster graphics, large wall graphics, 2D signage, 3D signage, indoor or outdoor, we can do it. Our printing department works with a 60" printer that can take care of all of these printing jobs on a large scale or small scale. Our printing capabilities have no limitations and can produce an endless amount of printing material to fit the need of your project.

To learn more about our DESIGN TEAM's capabilities check out our wall graphic portfolio and print portfolio.

For more information about o8o Studio's printing or design capapbilities or to request a quote, please call (203) 767-3964 or click on the request a quote button.